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“We are together for almost 10 months or something like that, the same way I know the players much better now, the players they should know me also much better now. The same way I know what the players like, I think the players know also what I like. The same way I have to go in the direction of the players, the players also have to come in my direction and that’s the point. That’s why Marcus Rashford even without scoring, even without being since September without scoring a goal in the Premier League, even without that, he was always a player that I trust, always a player that I play, always a player that I support. Because he was always coming in my direction, in the direction of what I want from a player, what I want as a Manchester United player. So I think is about that, is about get to know each other better and better and better, and going in the direction of the things that we like, so do I think Anthony is a player with great potential? Yes I think. Do I think he can play successfully for me? Yes I think. But he needs to give me things that I like very much.”