@bazgrist great issue this month Barney. Cup final tickets 76 and 58/59 European cup especially good reads!

@philutd15 just read it now, that's a fine, fair editorial. Enjoyed watching the 250 goals recently- some crackers too easily forgotten

@panthergrrrl Good editorial @barneyrednews. Put into words what most haven't been able to encapsulate about Wazza.

@jan_man9 on the rattler to brum. Great editorial, couldn't agree more.

@JSA78 Ive been critical of Rooney the past couple of years but your editorial is spot on

‏‪@unitedmyheaven ‬ ‪‬thanks for the editorial- helped clarify my ambivalence scouse phobia and rose
tinted old days memories cheers‪‬

@Philthered84 ‪‬Loved the pics of the babes in this issue. Top read as always

@ScanlonAde finally a bit of me time pal got round to new issue brillant editorial mate great read

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