VIP Forum FREE trial offer - Full access to Red News until 3rd October with no catches, you donít have to opt out

Red News wants to give you a chance to experience all of Red News for FREE until 3rd October. You get to enjoy Red News just as any other Red News VIP member would do - The United news in a very easy to view format, on one scrollable page without having to click "read moreĒ. Plus you can get into all our forums to view at your leisure - see the range of content available and the topics that get discussed. And the gossip. If you want you can take part in the forum chat with other reds.

We will set it up for you after you register for the offer by giving us one basic detail (your forum username). You are in until October 3rd when we will automatically change you back to be a non-VIP member. We donít collect any card/paypal details from you up front and we wonít be passing any of your email details to any 3rd parties - we don't do that here. We're Reds, not Mickeys!

Of course after October 3rd if you want to stay on as a VIP member then its simple to sign up to that. Just £14 a year at which also gets you a free copy of the Red News fanzine,

So to take part in the offer -

If you are already registered on our forums, just email with your username and we'll make you a VIP until October 3rd.

If you are not already registered on our forums, just register at and then let us know by email at your username to put you in for full site access until October 3rd.

We'll provide the beach towels, the virtual beer and the fun fun fun, so what are you waiting for! Cheers, any questions -