Any new songs you've heard this season at Utd games, in pubs? Send us the words to Great United Songs that YOU remember singing! for GUS Volume 9!

Red News plans to bring out the 9th volume of its groundbreaking Great United Songs later this season.

With each volume we have added to the great terrace songbook that exists at Old Trafford - now with over 1000 songs listed dating from now right back to the early 1900s - enabling young and old Red alike to have the songs they used to sing during each decade of their supporting life, or the songs they didn't know the words to, in one collected volume. Itís vast! Itís taken us years to record this.

Some of the songs may not be the definitive version that you remember or recognise - which is one of the reasons why we continually update to allow for the variations that may exist, with detail (where a song was first heard, why the words changed, etc), or historical recollections if people remember them. And who actually created them.

With the help of many of the terrace legends who either wrote these songs themselves (in the 70s, 80s or 90s right through to now), or remember their origins, we've allowed these past 20 years for many of the classic United fans songs to be catalogued - not just for prosperity and historical documentation, but so that some may be resurrected today, or provide younger Reds with evidence that they too can have a go for themselves at simply getting a new, original song going.

We are proud of United fans' song catalogue. We are proud in publishing each volume that catalogues them, unique as it is in fan culture for any club. Despite the media myth, we've always had more songs than any other club.

We need your help to keep this progress going. We want United fans from all walks of life to send us the words of songs or memories of songs that they remember, be they old, current ones, short, long, lost in the mists of time or with any images containing historical detail (songsheets handed out on the Stretford End, newspaper cuttings, old reproductions of words) that you are able to provide.

Anything that can help is in fact.

We want to publish even more United songs and if you have an old volume of Great United Songs, have a look and see if we've missed anything. If you've not got an old copy, it doesn't matter if we get told the same song over and over again - better to see one duplicated than miss something; so send in the words to your classics.

The only requirement is that it's a song that United fans have sung, regularly, on mass, from today or yesteryear at a game. (if you have a song that is sung in smaller groups on the likes of a euro away but has been forgotten in general, then send those in too, or ask your Dad or grandad if he remembers songs sung in his day). Any detail you have to a songs origins' and its date of birth or your own memories are great too.

We appreciate your help with this. We want the 9th volume to stand as a document in United's history as the other 8 volumes have. All previous 8 volumes have completely sold out. We need your help to locate the songs we've so far missed out on.

Please send anything you have - words to songs, text, clippings, scans of song sheets; anything at all you think may be relevant - to or post any up at


GUS Volume 9 will appear sometime in the 2015/16 season, four years since the last volume was published (and soon sold out). Watch this space for details.

Cheers, Barney