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Thread: Manchester United Academy/Youth Team/Reserve News/information - new thread

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    Nicky Butt on the problems of getting sides for the Reserve teams

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    "It's difficult because some of these lads aren't ready for this level of football. You get forced into playing some games because the Premier League seem to think it's right to make you plays games that you're not ready for. Honestly, it’s a great stadium to play, a great football ground to play in and some of our lads have missed this now because you’re only playing a certain amount of stadiums a year. I always think it’s wrong that you’re getting pushed to play certain games on certain dates when you’re not ready to and you’re not qualified to. We’re lucky our lads did well tonight because if the lads go out on that pitch in front of that stadium, on live TV, and have a bad game, that could knock them back three or four months, it might ruin them.”
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    If you get the chance to watch a MUFC academy game - take it - you’ll enjoy the football.

    MK Dons u15s v MUFC u15s
    MK Dons Stadium
    28 April 2017

    A crowd of 3,200 came along to watch an academy game of 15 year olds - quite incredible - no doubt the lure of MUFC played its part, along with cheap tickets (£1 for juniors/£5 adults and some Dons fans qualified for free entry).

    The game was played in a refreshingly fair spirit by both teams. None of the attitude you see from professional footballers - refereeing decisions were accepted without comment, tackling was fair and honest … they just wanted to play football. Made the game more enjoyable to watch. Standard of football was very good from both teams too.

    MK Dons had some chances to score, mainly on the counter-attack. Including a chance in the second half which required a fantastic finger tip save from the United goalie. But overall United controlled the game with lots of possession and a real purpose to their use of the ball. United passed it around well getting all players involved, who were all very comfortable on the ball.

    They had most success playing the ball into the path of a player making a run into the final third. They looked to use that approach a lot, to get the winger or centre forward into space for a cross or shot. Some lovely combination play too - just generally playing with their heads up looking for ways to keep that forward momentum going. When MK Dons had the ball the United boys worked hard for each other to win it back - they do play well as a team.

    Great to see the young lads of MUFC playing so well and with an approach to football that i’d be more than happy to see the first team putting on for us.

    Who stood out for United in the game …

    3 tall lads at the back - quick, strong and comfortable with the ball at the feet. Reminded me of Gerard Pique.

    A unit in midfield - Teden Mengi (Number 4) - big tall muscly lad - think Fosu-Mensah. Could play the ball too. Bossed the midfield and was involved in the build up play and attacks - scored a deserved goal too after a lovely bit of skill to beat a man and create space to shoot.

    Then number 7, 9 and 10 had the skills up front.

    Max Thompson (Number 7) went off injured, appeared to go down unchallenged and was stretchered off after a few minutes of treatment on the pitch without getting up - not great signs - although players are getting stretchered off nowadays for all injuries, as Gary Nev pointed out when the city goalie was stretchered off in the derby game, so hopefully the lad is okay. Prior to that he looked dangerous, slipping past defenders with ease - pacey boy. A Giggsy type player

    Anthony Elanga (Number 9) made the game look easy. Always seemed one step ahead of the play and was very confident on the ball.

    Whilst Mason Greenwood (Number 10) had pace and strength up front. Time after time he could use a bit of skill to beat the defender and give himself space to shoot.

    (Hopefully have got all the player names right - not a regular watcher of the academy games - so relying on player shirt numbers and the official team sheet to get them right - apologies if any are wrong. The comparisons to first team players is purely on their style rather than ability … i’m no footballing expert!)

    In other news …

    Ashley Young was in the stands watching - no idea why. Maybe to do with his coaching badges, maybe he knew somebody playing in the game. He was sat in the stand with everybody else and was mobbed by the mostly youthful crowd for selfie’s and autographs. Before the game, at half time and after the game people just kept coming up - even during the game. Created a real buzz in the crowd that a United first team player was there watching. He handled it really well, without any stewards to help out. Saying yes to all the requests and even looking out for some of the younger fans close to him when people were pushing. Making sure they were okay and people were taking care. What a guy - So nice and really does give his all when he pulls the red shirt on - great to have him as a United player.

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