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Thread: In Issue 184 - the October 2011 edition - of Red News... out Sunday 23rd October 2011

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    Default In Issue 184 - the October 2011 edition - of Red News... out Sunday 23rd October 2011

    In Issue 184 - the October 2011 edition - of Red News...

    Out October 23rd 2011. HE'S CHANGED OUR LIVES. A special 25 year Fergie commemoration. Pic from Oxford away where it all started. SAF, the early years. A look at Aberdeen, what happened next. He's changed our lives, Editorial. Di Law who worked for SAF tells us about him. Our 2nd Division series continues with Millwall away. carlosartorial on his lifelong affair with Adidas trainers, and he interviews former Bobby Charlton Soccer Skills winner Brendan Burke, Paul Ring on De Gea's agenda, and a little remembered season under SAF, Pete Shaw is angry about… moaners! Steph on trying to get tickets long sought after, Tom Clare on Sir Matt and SAF, Benfica, Leeds and Liverpool trip write ups and exclusive extracts from Andy Mitten's new book on the 70s with Jimmy Nicholl's story. And one Red who hasn't missed a single game under Fergie explains all. Gossip, art, graphics and more!

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