View Full Version : [12] Gary Neville fancies us against the Scousers - but says the next week is season defining

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08-03-2018, 12:05 PM
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"I always fancy United at home. With Liverpool you have to get through that first half an hour, especially at Anfield, where they are a completely different proposition. I've always thought that for Liverpool away from home they struggled with the size of the pitch, despite them not being hugely different on paper. It's a lot harder for United to play at Anfield and a lot harder for Liverpool to play at Old Trafford, so I fancy United to win. Jose Mourinho has two big games in four days that will define the rest of the season - against Liverpool and Sevilla. How strong he goes in both remains to be seen."

"The support for these two clubs is unbelievable, staggering. There would be 10-15,000 greeting us at airports, 40-50,000 watching us train in different parts of the world. If you come from this country and have never travelled on pre-season tours, you don't understand how big this fixture is. That doesn't only apply to Africa, Asia or America, the importance of the fixture is felt in Scandinavia, Malta and Ireland to name but a few. The rivalry that stretches out of this game is unbelievable."