View Full Version : [12] Timo Werner of RB Leipzig says a move to United, rather than Liverpool, in the future appeals to him

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07-03-2018, 09:23 AM
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"Yes, playing in the Premier League is a dream for me. I would like to play for two or three clubs, and Manchester United are one of those clubs. But probably not in the next few years Ė later, when my English is a little bit better! Iím very comfortable at RB Leipzig, though. Manchester United and Liverpool were the teams I watched quite a lot in England. They were the two that Iím a little bit a fan of, because they have so much history. When Alex Ferguson was the coach, United won everything and were outstanding. In Liverpool itís also their stadium and the atmosphere. But when I have to decide, Iím more Manchester United than Liverpool. Iím now at a point where at some stage in the future Iíd like to play in a team that wins titles.Ē