View Full Version : [4] Nemanja Vidic says Paul Pogba’s price tag is tough on him

Red News
24-03-2017, 04:55 AM
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“It depends on what the people expect from him. I think the problem is the market is crazy at the moment – to buy the player you need you have to pay crazy money. Paul is a great player, his ability is not to score 25 goals a season. He is about creating situations all over the field and score maybe 10 goals, 15 goals. His potential and actual quality, he can change his game and can become a player that scores 20, 25 goals. I think it’s difficult when people see Pogba and expect him to do something which is not his game. I think he has done some good stuff this season, of course, he didn’t give his best but he played 40 matches which is important as well; his presence on the pitch.”