View Full Version : [15] Gordon Strachan on making up with Alex Ferguson

Red News
15-02-2017, 09:49 AM
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“It is a bit like brothers who fell out of love with each other and got back together again. I think I spoke to him last Friday. It is a strange thing that our two boys have got together. It’s like most things in life, when you don’t speak about it then it festers, but once you speak about it, it gets sorted. Not just with Sir Alex, with anybody. Paul Williams, the big centre-half I had at Coventry, phoned yesterday. I had beauties with him, real beauty arguments with these people. Sir Alex? We have spoken, yeah, and we are fine now. The good thing is our boys now work together and we see each other. We have not been to games recently because they’ve been on a winning run. I phoned him and said: “If you’re not going, I’m not going either”. Strong-minded football people like him, and to a certain extent me, don’t go to games because we think it might cause havoc. There’s a nonsense behind that. The strongest-minded manager in the world, the best manager of all-time, won’t go and see Doncaster in case it messes them up. And I’m the same! We go: “I’d better not go in case it messes them up”. It’s got nothing to do with us. It’s bonkers isn’t it?’

|I’m quite happy floating along. I don’t bear grudges. The best thing in life is to speak about it. Going back to Fergie, I think he fell out with everybody. You ask Bruce, Mark Hughes, they’ve all been there. There is a whole line of them. I was just one of the first. I was one of the pioneers! It only happened one or two times. I was quite happy to sit there and take it with the rest of them. You have got to remember that I worked with him longer than a lot of people, nine years or so. Again, these are the things I wouldn’t miss. Would you go back and say: “Please don’t shout at me for that?”. Nah, I would have missed all these stories and the fun that you have along the way.”