View Full Version : [15] Jose Mourinho asked how his team at United is evolving

Red News
10-12-2016, 06:02 PM
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"In terms of the quality of our game and the organisation of our football I think we are above what I would expect. The evolution was really good. In terms of results, I am used to different results. I am used to different kind of profile of team, a team that scores one goal and doesn't concede, a team that is very efficient and not in need of so much ball possession and control to have opportunities to score and score. I am just a bit disappointed with that because I see teams in the Premier League they are not comparable to us in terms of the quality of their game and they have much more points than us."

ďIíve had teams with bad results and bad performances and it is much more difficult because you are not sure of what you want, you have doubts, you have lots of questions marks. You question yourself if it is the best way to follow and question yourself if change is needed to try to play better because to play better brings you better results. In this case it is easier because there are no doubts. We play well, the organisation is good, the players are happy with the way we play, they believe in what we do so it is much easier and it is just a wait for a better moment and a better moment will come. Always a little bit of extra piece of effort to give, a little bit more concentration, try to reduce your minimum mistakes because in this moment we are being punished for all of our mistakes. So if we are punished by every mistake we make we have to try to reduce them."