View Full Version : [8] Jose Mourinho loves the fact that people who work at Manchester United love the club

Red News
06-07-2016, 11:04 AM
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Q. Of course you were officially unveiled today but it’s been pretty much six weeks really since you were announced, have you enjoyed that time, what has been your impression of the club, training complex, and the people you have met?

JM: “What I felt immediately is that the people loves the club. I was previously in other clubs and I was lucky enough to be in good clubs, in big clubs, but I wouldn’t feel that passion, to be fair, to be honest, I found even great professionals in different areas but people that were, even fans of other clubs, Man Utd I felt immediately that there is a huge passion for the club, if you go into the training ground you see people that loves to be nice and loves to be ready to show that they are ready to work for you and they are very proud to say immediately the name and the number of years they are working in the club and this is amazing because comes one lady, ‘I am here for 23 years’, comes one guy, ‘I am here for 27’, comes some guy, ‘I am here for 18’, big connection, big emotional connection to the club and I think the clubs are made by these people, it’s about the fans, it’s about these humble people that works at the club and makes you feel… so if any player that arrives at the training ground, they have the same feeling as I had, I think it’s an amazing situation here.”