View Full Version : [21] Jose Mourinho asked what advice Alex Ferguson has given him - buy an umbrella!

Red News
05-07-2016, 02:00 PM
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Q. Jose, Paul Hirst from the Times, can you tell us what kind of advice Alex Ferguson has given you since you took the job and will you be talking to him over the course of the season to get more advice?

JM: “Yeah, bring the umbrella! And yesterday I couldn’t believe that was raining, in the training ground so was the great advice, and the second advice, was that to bring my typical bottle of wine because now we are going to have many occasions to be together, in this moment Sir Alex is on a bit of a holiday on a bit of the Euros so I cannot see him this week but when his summer holidays are finished I will be based in Manchester, he is the same, we will have lots of time to meet each other, he will be always welcome to the training ground obviously and we will have time to share a lot of our personal stuff, friends, family, life, but obviously his opinion is an important for me, the same way so many legends in this club, they love the club and some of them they are in the pundits industry in this moment, so every opinion will be important for me. Agreeing, not agreeing, but people that love the club and has a big connection with the club will always be respected by myself and I will always give a look to try to learn from them, what they can teach me.”