View Full Version : [12] Shrewsbury’s Ian Black is a United fan and ST holder and offers his view on this season

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22-02-2016, 04:31 PM
4/1 Man United to beat Shrewsbury Town - New Customer Exclusive


“I have supported them a long time and it is an opportunity I never thought I would get. But having come down to England in September and been on a Cup run, we have managed to achieve it and it is a box I can tick in my career. I have three season tickets at Old Trafford and have had them nearly 20 years. People will say 'Glory hunter', but 20 years supporting them from Edinburgh to Manchester shows I am a willing supporter. They have been poor this season but you can never write them off Wayne Rooney has come out and said 'Blame the players', which is totally right and I totally agree.

"They are getting paid X amount of money to perform to the level they should be at that size of club and they have not done it. It is the manager’s neck on the line and I know he has a part to play in it, but he can only put the best XI out at the time and they have certainly underachieved. I only get to midweek games every now and then these days. But I never boo Man United - even when they are poor – because I am a player. I have been through bad spells and the last thing the team needs is booing. You need to support them and pull them through it.But it would put massive pressure on Louis van Gaal if we can go and achieve a draw or win.”

"I have supported United for a long time and having the opportunity to play against them is something I have been looking forward to since I was a kid. I have had three season tickets for a long time despite the fact I can only go to the midweek matches. If you give them up you will never get them back and they are in a great position in the Stretford End between the tunnel and the goal." Originally it was my dad Ian and wee brother Jonathan but now it is my brother and my nephew. They are obviously all coming to the game but I have got them tickets in the Shrewsbury end so they will be supporting me for the night. Beating them would be a dream and it would put massive pressure on him if we can go and achieve a result or draw. But I wouldn't tell the board how to act if we beat them. They have been poor this season - Wayne Rooney came out and blamed the players and I agree with that. People have written them off but you can never do that." If you are getting booed you are doing something right. If I get a bit of stick from the United fans things will be going okay."