View Full Version : [5] Swede Olsson of Midtylland reckons United played so slow

Red News
22-02-2016, 03:52 PM
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ďThey played so slowly. It was the first time Iíve ever played against United of course, so I donít know how they usually are. But I felt they didnít have any real leader on the pitch, nobody who would take control of the game. There was a lot of negativity, although I canít say if that was any more than the usual feeling. We knew they were feeling low and we took advantage of that. Iím not surprised at the result at all. I said before the game we would win and we all felt that. The only thing that surprised us was that we had so many chances. We could and should have scored more. They had a few chances but we had them under pretty good control. I had three years at Arsenal before I came here in 2014, so I felt that this was me giving them something back. I hope I helped make the Arsenal fans happy!Ē