View Full Version : [4] Steve Evans remembers Fergie playing a wine wind-up when he was Crawley manager and played Utd

Red News
22-02-2016, 03:21 PM
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"We sent a member of staff out to get a bottle on the matchday, he spent 275 on a bottle of red wine I was devastated. So we got there and I had presented him with a bottle, privately just me and him afterwards and he looked at it with utter disdain and said 'it's the worst vintage ever' and put it to the side. I was devastated... The story goes that two hours later, after the match, when we eventually took our team coach away from Old Trafford. Sir Alex had his car all prepped and ready to leave the stadium and I looked inside it and on the passenger seat was my bottle of wine. I looked at the box and looked at him and he says 'that's a fantastic bottle son, I'm not sharing that with anyone, that's for me later.'"