View Full Version : [33] Chris Smalling says it was unacceptable

Red News
18-02-2016, 10:32 PM
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ďIt wasnít acceptable and we need to start rewarding these fans who travel this far and gave us that great support throughout the whole game, I think we all know it wasnít good enough. We canít blame that injury or the previous injuries on a performance like that tonight. We lost far too many tackles and a lot of 2nd balls and in games like that once you lose that then youíre on an uphill battle. I think in these games when youíre playing teams lesser than Manchester United you need to win your tackles, your 2nd balls, and when you donít do that then itís an even playing field on the pitch and I think weíve only got ourselves to blame for our poor result. I think we saw that they pressed high and worked hard as a team (before) we just didnít match that, in 2nd balls, in challenges and in aggression really, and I think the aggression wasnít there especially in that 2nd half and we paid the price in the end.Ē