View Full Version : [27] Danny Higginbotham on Wayne Rooney’s injury

Red News
18-02-2016, 06:36 PM
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“He gives them something different. He's quite willing to drop deeper and so when you've got pace either side of him, with Lingard and Martial, he provides the space for them to get into. Martial in particular likes to get in behind the defence and so what I think teams will do if he's up front is sit deep so there isn't that space to get into. So Manchester United will go back to what they used to be, which is a side that plays in front of teams."

“They have always given young players a chance but, of the recent ones, other than Lingard, they have probably only been given those chances because of injuries. It's not been because they've been performing unbelievably well in the under-21s. As a club, they've always had the mentality that age doesn't matter, you will get that opportunity. When you look back at the class of 92, they came through because they were good enough. Now the players are getting the chances because of injuries."