View Full Version : [25] Stuart Pearce thinks Wayne Rooney’s injury is a bonus for England

Red News
18-02-2016, 06:34 PM
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"I think it's a real bonus, although Wayne won't see it like that. It freshens him up for the summer and gives Roy the chance to look at a few of the other players. If Wayne was in the squad I think Roy would have felt obliged to play him in the warm-up games and that blocks a place for one of the younger players to come in and get some experience. We know what he can do and I don't think we would have learned anything from playing in the friendlies."

but it’s a blow for United

"It certainly will affect them because they need forwards. They needed a forward to supplement Wayne Rooney so without him they're very, very short up front. They will miss him quite badly but they're not chasing the title, they're not chasing the Champions League, so the impact will only be seen in the Europa League."