View Full Version : [17] Louis van Gaal on Wayne Rooney’s knee, 13 players injured and Darmian update

Red News
18-02-2016, 02:16 AM
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Q. Good afternoon Louis, you travelled without a few players, the key one being your Captain, Wayne Rooney, can you explain the situation there and how long he might be out for please?

LvG: “That’s difficult to say but he’s injured in the game against Sunderland and he has a knee problem and we have to wait and see how long that takes, so I cannot say anything about that.”

Q. What about the other players you travelled without?

LvG: “Yeah, Darmian you have seen that he has a dislocation in his shoulder, it’s not the heaviest type so we are lucky with that but he is injured still so he is also out and Borthwick Jackson is ill so he cannot play neither so now we have 13 players injured or not capable to play.”

Q. It goes without saying Louis the form he’s been in, that Wayne’s injury, the timing of it, it is a huge blow isn’t it because he really was playing well for you as well?

LvG: “Yes, certainly in 2016 he scored and that’s why we had also a good row in matches until Sunderland of course but yeah, we have to cope with that problem because everybody can be injured and also the Captain can be injured.”