View Full Version : [3] Louis van Gaal on why he wants the FA Cup more than the Europa League

Red News
18-02-2016, 02:04 AM
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Q. Louis, I think you said on interview last week, the FA Cup was more important to you than the Europa League, is that because you are further down in the FA Cup and this one is more difficult, can you just explain your thought processes there?

LvG: ďItís, thatís a personal wish, I have won the UEFA Cup already, thatís the only argument and I want to win a title in England, thatís why I have come to this country. To yep, to breathe the atmosphere of English football but also to make Manchester Champion or give them title of winning the FA Cup and we have a lot of time not winning the FA Cup but for Manchester United as a club itís much more important to win I think the UEFA Cup because of the fact that we can qualify ourselves for the CL.Ē