View Full Version : [24] Louis van Gaal cuts to the chase as to why we lost at Sunderland

Red News
16-02-2016, 06:33 PM
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ďWe didnít keep the ball in our team, against Chelsea we did do it. Thatís a big difference. Then you can control the game when you keep the ball in your position and we have also created chances, we could have scored also, that is not the problem, I think as Manchester United you have to keep the ball in spite of the pressure of Sunderland, you have to keep the ball in your position and you have to create chances. We didnít have control, we didnít have control in the 2nd half. The most disappointing thing for me is we couldnít cope with their aggressive pressure in their own half. They played more or less in their own half. We needed so much the points and everybody knows that, in this circumstances that Manchester United is, it is very disappointing.Ē