View Full Version : [23] Er. We don’t know what to say. Paul Parker says don’t give the job to Mourinho… give it to Tim Sherwood

Red News
16-02-2016, 06:26 PM
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“Jose Mourinho? That is absolutely not the answer. Mourinho's history in the game tells you all you need to know: he's a man who needs control, and who flounders in situations when he has lost it. And that's what happened at Chelsea: with the squad getting away from him, he was unable to turn it round. He's lost a huge amount of respect in the game, and I suspect the players at United hate the idea of him taking over. Frankly, given how unhappy the players are right now, they'd be better off bringing in Tim Sherwood between now and the end of the season: someone to soft soap the players, given them a bit of a cuddle, get them feeling good about themselves once again.”