View Full Version : [11] Guillermo Varela on his progression at Manchester United

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16-02-2016, 05:30 PM
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"The first year was really a period where I was settling in. In the second year, I went out on loan and now Iím back at the club again and the manager has been giving me the chance to show what I can do, so I'm very pleased to be getting this opportunity. Right now, I can say that I have adapted 100 per cent to the English game. Iím used to the pace and physicality just now. I think Iíve learned about everything! But Iíve really developed and learned about the physical aspect of my game. The football here is very physical in comparison to Uruguay or other parts of the world, where the emphasis is more on technique and tactics. But here you have to battle harder and have more strength when youíre playing and thatís the biggest lesson Iíve learned."

on his chances in the Champions League

"It gave me a kind of inner calm to say that I could compete at the level of the Champions League. Then, I knew I can be here and I can play. After being in the squad a few times and then featuring in a number of games, you start to feel that you are capable of turning out in the starting XI and performing at the level the team requires. But, of course, I need to keep working hard, I canít start believing that Iíve arrived because thatís clearly not the case. Itís all about continuing to work hard and trying to win the confidence of the coach. Firstly, I love being at Manchester United and Iíd love to enjoy a long career here and win everything that comes in our path. Then, looking ahead, the national team of course!"