View Full Version : [3] Andy Cole promised his kids he wouldn't get fat when he retired, but his Kidney problem has made that impossible

14-02-2016, 07:12 PM
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“I remember when I was retiring I said to my kids ‘I promise you I’ll never put on weight’ because people always think footballers retire and eat and drink and put on loads of weight.

“So seeing the change in your body that’s been really tough.

"The weight you’ve put on through the water retention, that wreaks havoc with your head because you’re saying to yourself ‘I don’t want to look in the mirror any more’ because you’re not the same.

“You don’t feel the same, you don’t feel as confident about yourself as you used to, but then it’s out of your hands.

“I kept out of the public domain for a hell of a long time, about six months or so. I wouldn’t tell a soul.

“You’re getting all these comments ‘Andy Cole, he’s put on all this weight’, ‘who ate all the pies?’ and all that kind of stuff.”