View Full Version : [27] Sam Allardyce think Louis van Gaal needs to find out about his future

Red News
12-02-2016, 05:04 PM
“What you have to find out is whether it's true. If you find out whether it's true, then you know where your fate lies. You don't always find out whether it's true or not from the owners sometimes, but you have got to try to find out, then you know one way or the other. The bigger the club, the bigger the speculation and the more you have to cope, the more coping mechanisms you have to have. Louis van Gaal is experienced enough across the whole of Europe to cope with those additional pressures which are thrust upon him at the moment. He will be focussed on his team getting yet another result because they are in good form at the moment, so the players are doing his talking for him at the minute and we have obviously got to stop those players performing as they have done recently because they have picked up quite a few wins. It's a great shame that that football club is in that light again but the hype builds up so much at a football club the size of Man United that it is a huge task to have the coping mechanisms to do it. Louis van Gaal has shown he has had the coping mechanisms at many big football clubs. He will probably continue to do the same now."