View Full Version : [24] Louis van Gaal on giving Memphis Depay a game for the under 21s this week

Red News
12-02-2016, 04:48 PM
Q. Louis, Memphis Depay played on Monday in the under 21s, he has not started a game now I think for 9 matches, does that help his cause that he plated well on Monday, what does he have to do to get back in?

LvG: ďI think it is for him, it was a very good match because he could raise his confidence and I have seen the reaction of the fans because these are the real fans who is looking to the 2nd team and they were very enthusiastic, he had 3 assists but all his actions was very enthuiastic, considered by the fans, but itís also good for him and thatís why I let him play because I cannot play too much players of the first selection in the 2nd team because I have to cope also with the lot of matches what we have to play. So now for example we have to play tomorrow Sunderland, we have to play on Thursday also and then the FA Cup against Shrewsbury Town so I have to cope with that also so that was more or less the last time that I could play with Memphis in the 2nd team but also with Adnan or with other players.Ē