View Full Version : [6] Louis van Gaal does not know if Ed Woodward has spoken to Jose Mourinho

Red News
12-02-2016, 02:44 AM
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in an interview with the Indy

“I have not said that we have spoken, but he is my friend, so there you go. But I don’t know if Manchester United have spoken with Mourinho or not. I can only say that I have spoken with Ed Woodward and I cannot imagine that they have spoken with each other. I think that if they speak with another manager, they would tell me because our relationship is like that. But I think that, if they want to change, they have to prepare themselves. That is also a professional attitude, in my opinion. If they are thinking that they want to replace me, they have to prepare and they have to enquire, that is what I think. But if it is like that, they have to say it to me. And I believe they will tell me if it is like that. I not only have a strong relationship with Ed, but also with the Glazers. I have a good feeling with the Glazers also. And that is why I am annoyed with all the publicity. I have been ‘sacked’ three times and now it is about negotiations starting with Jose Mourinho. The next time, it will be another.”