View Full Version : [3] Louis van Gaal on whether Leicester can win the league and a Gary Lineker strip

Red News
12-02-2016, 02:32 AM
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in an interview with the Indy

“They are the favourites because they are five points away from the rest, but the moment that they have to win it is different. They are more or less in that place now because they want to continue with this lead. Is it possible? Why not? Maybe their players can cope, but that you do not know and that is a question that both Leicester and Tottenham must answer. It doesn’t say anything about the personalities in these teams. I don’t know them so I cannot judge. But there shall come a moment when they have to win. At the moment, everything is OK and nice. But the manager has spoken about being champion, so now it shall play in their heads. But a lot of players can cope with that. Maybe you remember that I have already said that Leicester can be the champion? The Godfather, Gary Lineker, was laughing about that, but he has to undress himself if they win it, is that right? Well, I am waiting for that.”