View Full Version : [8] Axel Tuanzebe on where he can play and learning at United

Red News
16-11-2015, 02:04 PM
"Defender has always been the most natural position for me. I would say I can fill in in other positions but, naturally, it always felt right at the back. Even in little five-a-side games, I would always end up at the back of the field just to ensure everything was safe. Even though the Under-18s is more about development, the Under-21s is about turning you into a player. There is a massive age range as youíre allowed three over-aged players so there is a variety of players. Itís great experience to learn how to handle different players to make you a better player. Warren did that to get me into the system. You donít want to be put in at centre-back against a giant; you get players who know the game and have such speed so you have to step your game up and realise this is the opportunity to become a regular player. Itís how you deal with it. Even if you have a bad game, you have to work hard to impress Warren, the manager."

"It ***is embedded in you from day one to always be a humble person and never take anything for granted. You must appreciate everything you have got because, when you go out and see other clubs in the lower leagues, you realise things are not as fortunate compared to what we have here. You see what itís really like so you must work hard for your current situation and appreciate it really. There are such rewards if you make it but thatís where you separate the good from the best. If you let distractions get to you, you know you will never reach your goal. You have got to understand that can all come at a later stage but you need to get to the place where you want to be first if you want the rewards. With my age as well, to win the Under-21 league at such a young age would be really special and another one for the collection. Wherever you go, you always want to win Ė whether it be a little individual tournament or the biggest trophies. You always want to win and I definitely want to win this league."