View Full Version : [16] Tony Pulls noticed what went wrong for the first and second MUFC goals today

07-11-2015, 09:15 PM
“It’s always small margins and against the best teams they punish you,”

“The first goal was a poor goal for us to concede.

“We’ve got three people in between the goal and then Yacob decides to join that line which has left Lingard on the edge of the box and he didn’t really need to do that.

“It’s a poor header from Brunty, but if Yacob actually comes across with the midfield players then he would have picked it up.”

“We keep getting punished lately,”

“The second goal, we play a straight ball in.

“Against top players and top teams anywhere in the world, if you play straight passes in and you run past the ball and that pass is intercepted then they’re on you like a shot.

“Vardy scored last week at our place with a straight pass that was intercepted.

“The pace then after they’ve taken it off you - their runners are off.

“We did the same for the second goal and it’s something we’ll have to talk about, not next week, but the week after when they come back from another international break.”