View Full Version : [2] Paddy Crerand transcript in full on MUTV last night on transfers - “I think we’re in for a shock”

Red News
21-07-2015, 02:27 AM
Paddy Crerand transcript in full on MUTV last night on transfers - “I think we’re in for a shock”

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“I think United is not finished buying and I think there will be a couple of players coming in and I think one will be a striker, I think the other could be a centre-half. United need a striker now that Van Persie’s gone, they need somebody experienced. I think the manager and the staff know exactly who they want, they are not going to tell anybody. This is planned, without question. It’s a matter of us waiting. Fans are very impatient. I think the manager will bring in two players, whether I m right or wrong we’ll see in the next few weeks. Hearing things from the tour, there’s supposed to be a massive signing. And when you talk about massive signing, there’s only about two players in the world that you can say is a massive signing and that’ll be Ronaldo or Messi. To be fair to Cristiano he didn’t like the weather here. No, I can’t ever see him coming back, he’s not going to come back to the climate we have in this country compared to Spain. I think we’re in for a shock in the next 10 days or so, we could be in for a shock. People are talking about a big signing. I think Bale’s a strange one… you hear little things about maybe he’s not learnt the language as well, and sometimes it’s difficult if you’re living in a foreign country and you can’t communicate, I get the impression Real Madrid don’t want him to go but I’ve got a little sneaking feeling that he might go, he might go, would he be the big signing that our manager is talking about, potentially?”