View Full Version : [21] Ed Woodward talks of the impact Van Gaal has had and what its like to work with him #manlove

18-07-2015, 11:21 AM
"What was clear very very early on as you looked behind the scenes was we were heading in the right direction,"

"Everybody felt that was a change for the positive. He galvanised the group of players, galvanised the coaching staff and we're heading in the right direction.

"He's fantastic to work with, he's a direct person, he's honest. Sometimes he can speak from the heart, which we saw at the Player of the Year awards dinner, but and I love all that. I think that's what the fans want. But he's delivering that to the players as well and, along with all the planning, it is going to reap rich rewards.

"He's come to us with decades of experience, I'm not making a comment about his age or anything, but he's got a wealth of experience, so you're always going to listen to that. Changes that he perceives should be made.

"For years we've always been trying to improve everything by one per cent, just trying to get more out of the players and we absolutely should be and are listening to him in terms of that input.

"But his biggest impact, I think, has been the charisma. When you look at him you see a winner. Someone who comes through the door, you know that he's delivered in the past and I think that immediately delivers respect to the players and they listen to him and his meticulous way of planning training is delivering those results."

"I don't mind strong personalities,"

"I joked with him right at the start 'technically you report to me but I work for you'. We work very well together.

"We speak very regularly, have many, many face-to-face meetings, we both share interest in wines and have the ability to unwind together and talk about things.

"But at the end of the day, we both want the same thing, we both want to win, so ultimately that's what it comes down to, he tells me what he needs and we do the best what we can to deliver that."