View Full Version : [11] Andy Cole still backs Falcao

Red News
13-05-2015, 02:23 AM
I look at Falcao and I still think he is a quality player. If you look at his movement and what he has done for his national team, you know he scores goals. His record before coming here was phenomenal, absolutely ridiculous. I know he has had an indifferent time since coming to Manchester United and everyone is saying he can't score goals any more, but no - it isn't like that. He has not got as many as he would have liked when he came to Manchester United. But that doesn't mean he is a bad player. He is far from a bad player. I don't know whether United will keep him. The powers that be are considering it. If he doesn't stay here next year and he goes somewhere else, he will score goals. You don't stop scoring goals because you have an injury or whatever. It might take a little bit longer to recover from the injury but once you get injured it doesn't mean you stop. He will score goals wherever. If he doesn't stay here he will definitely do that.