View Full Version : [15] Louis van Gaal asked how he can make us challenge; new faces for balance, and pre-season preparation

Red News
01-05-2015, 02:21 PM
“Yeah, we need balance in our selection I have said that many, many times, so I cannot deny that, we need balance in our selection, I think also the preparation of our season, I think that United have already adapted to a better preparation, we shall have two base camps in the US so we are not flying between matches, we are going via a bus, that’s better, the temperature is lower because we are at the other coast, as last year so they have adapted to my criteria so we shall have a better preparation also so we have started very badly this year because when you cut the start of it we shall equalise Chelsea for example but now we have to start better then, also when I preview our preparation now it looks better but we have to see that of course, now then we have to make the balance in our selection better and then we have to perform at the moment, it has been asked then we have to perform better than this year.”