View Full Version : [12] In the last year we've provided over 10,000 articles on our news page, averaging 29 each day. All year round

29-04-2015, 12:37 PM
Red News searches high and low for MUFC news stories - Bringing them together on our news page, so you don't have to spend your time finding it.

In the last year we've provided over 10,000 articles on our news page, averaging 29 each day. All year round. Not a day goes by without some news or opinion about MUFC. Amazing really.

We do it because, just like other reds, we enjoy reading news and opinions about the club - the big stories everybody is talking about, the exclusive news from our inside sources, or the more obscure United related news that doesn't make the headlines. Some we agree with, some we don't, but if there's news out there about MUFC we'll share it with you via the news page.

The news page is one part of what Red News offers for reds wherever you may be in the world - There's also a Fanzine for reds to share opinions, memories and humour. The website has chat forums for reds to discuss MUFC and other stuff in life, we are on Twitter and Facebook, we could go on.

Through them all we aim to keep you informed and in touch with United whilst having a laugh along the way. Red News. For reds, by reds.

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