View Full Version : [19] Jamie Carragher think United have been found out ..

26-04-2015, 07:49 PM
"We've been very complimentary about Manchester United in the last few weeks,"

"Louis van Gaal has got a system, a way of playing but in the last week it looks like teams have come up with a way of playing against them. They are saying: have the ball.

"This is Roberto Martinez. Jose Mourinho is that type of manager but with Roberto Martinez, his teams would never normally have such low possession.

"But against United, they accepted they'll have the ball and decided to hit them on the counter-attack."

"In the midfield areas, there was a job that was done last week by Zouma on Fellaini. I think Gareth Barry did a similar job today but the fact James McCarthy got the man of the match and Barry was in the running was the job they did.

"It wasn't just Fellaini in this midfield for United; it's the job of Herrera as well. McCarthy looked after him, as did Ross Barkley. You wouldn't say he had his greatest game in terms of being on the ball and going forward but how disciplined he was. His job was to stop Daley Blind.

"Those three players were virtually doing man-marking jobs and the three of them did it excellently. That's where they got the win from because they won the ball back quickly and could counter-attack.

"It looks like teams are looking at Manchester United and thinking how to stop them. Chelsea and Everton have come up with a way, certainly in those midfield areas."