View Full Version : [22] Louis van Gaal - its a crucial game

Red News
21-03-2015, 03:30 PM
Yes, when you win, I enjoy it but, when you lose, you dont enjoy it and, especially now, it is very crucial. We are in a very crucial stage. We cannot lose otherwise Liverpool will come above us and that would not be good. Therefore, it is very crucial.

"The next game is the most important game especially in this rat race, but of course I know it is our competitor. I know it is, for our fans, the enemy and its very important. I want to win against Liverpool again. We have already won two times, but the last time they lost was against us a long time ago. It shall be very difficult."

It helps to continue for Manchester United because after a victory you need another victory to confirm what you have done against Tottenham. But Liverpool needs another victory after the loss against us. That was their last loss - in December - it's unbelievable. They have never lost again since. They've played more or less the same system since then - for 12 or 13 weeks."