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22-10-2014, 05:56 PM
Content for the new RN217 - on sale only at the Chelsea and Crystal Palace home matches - published October 26th 2014

RN217 brings varied and passionate viewpoints about what is happening at MUFC, as it happens as well as fascinating recollections on MUFC history. Don’t miss it. Laughs, tears and everything in between.

Reditorial on LvG and his philosophy - and how it can hurt our brains

“At times it’s making my head hurt, what with all the philosophies and processes like we’re at Open University and whilst I love watching his press conference and him speak, I can compare it to my experience of watching the tv show Lost - I enjoy it, but I don’t really have a clue what is going on half the time.”

The Month Just Gone. Roy Keane to tyre partners.

Hot Gossip from Salford Red. He's good… and he has new goss. A Utd sex scandal that isn’t quite as it seemed?

@carlosartorial on Wayne Rooney.

Rio Ferdinand’s celeb ridden launch party. And who did he call “cold and calculating”. Oh, and we got to ask one question!

The RN seller who ended up asleep in a ditch. At 9pm.

Exclusive pics of Sir Matt Busby (dancing!) in the team hotel after the 1968 European Cup win from a Red who was staying at the hotel.

@chinatownbranch goes all abstract on us.

1994/95 and now we’re up to November 1994. Barca 0-4 with exclusive pics and 5-0 vs city!

Ramòn Benítez on tactics and formations.

Pete Shaw… on Fergie and Keane as bad as each other. Anderson! Moyes. And selfie sticks in the United end at city??!!

“If Anderson had actually shat on Fabregas poor old Cesc would never have been seen again.”

@_Rob_B on whether United missed a trick not bagging Jose Mourinho.

Scott, @R_o_M on David De Gea.

@mufc_dan87 on getting United back.

Roy Cavanagh MBE looks at the incredible 64/65 season.

Video star ‘The Bobbins One’ interviewed.

Centre-spread is United Road 1985 vs Liverpool, them and us, taken by Teresa McDonald.

Why don’t we move Monday night football to Friday nights?

@carlosartorial reviews a new book on the Happy Mondays.

New RN writer Ric Blank on international football, bloody hell.

Our statman looks at Wayne Rooney’s scoring record.

and much more + gossip, graphics, tears, laughs and more! We're just normal Reds! By Reds, for Reds. A unique take on all things past, present and future at MUFC. Thanks to all who contributed and spent hours on this mag. And to all of you who will buy it and support our fanzine culture. It’s not bland corporate run ‘meh’, it’s a unique read.

It will be on sale at the Chelsea and Crystal Palace home matches only.

Any questions feedback@rednews.co.uk cheers for all who support and give RN a go. We’re a fanzine, not big business. We’re there to poke and prod, have a bit of fun and buzz off of United, and call the buggers into account.

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