View Full Version : [22] Alex Ferguson admits he was ruthless - tomorrow bear admits to having a dump in the woods

Red News
09-06-2014, 02:16 AM
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ďI was paid to keep winning, that was my job, so I was ruthless. Iím not going to deny that. You have to have a strong personality when youíre leading people. And Iíve got a pretty strong personality. I never doubted myself. Even in the dark days when I first joined Manchester United, I knew that what I was doing was completely right. If you keep changing your mind, I donít think itís positive. I was a bit of a dinosaur. If I had a bad result with Manchester United, it was front page news, if I had a good result, it was back page news. I learned quickly to stop reading the papers. I donít see why you should hurt yourself and get that anger in you for no reason at all.Ē