View Full Version : [9] Club doctor Steve McNally thinks the ‘Toshiba’ medical facility will allow more players to do a Giggsy and play on

Red News
12-03-2014, 12:16 PM
"This is going to make that more possible. I think we will see more players extend their careers for longer, particularly if we can look after those injuries that have threatened or curtailed players' careers. A player has a life cycle starting from his early days, through to his performance phase, and then to the point where he may be a little bit past it. We want to keep more players in the performance phase and using the imaging technology in line with our other sports science will allow us to make the right decisions to keep players in the performance phase for longer. Ryan has clearly done that largely through his own methods but with a little bit of help from us but we might be able to transfer that process on to more players more of the time."