View Full Version : [12] The time is fast approaching for the annual Red News Cheltenham Festival predictions competition

07-03-2014, 05:09 PM
The time is fast approaching for the annual Red News Cheltenham Festival predictions competition. Its simple to enter, has proven to be a very close competition year after year and has also proven that both novices and experts have an equal chance of success. A great way to pass a few days. All exclusively for our VIP members

What is it?
Its a predictions competition. You pick each day a horse for each race at the Cheltenham Festival. There’s 6 or 7 races each day. You get points based on where your horses finishes (1st = 10 points, 2nd = 5, 3rd = 3, 4th = 1). After each race we post a points league table and the top 3 points scorers at the end of the festival pick up a cash prize (and the honour of the forum … which usually involves updating your forum signature to brag about your achievement)

Up to you which horses you pick … study the form, follow a tipster’s picks or just pick at random. Whichever way you go you’ll have fun taking part. Its a simple competition that has developed a very nice habit of being very entertaining

To find out how to enter, if you are already VIP member, follow this link - http://www.rednews.co.uk/forum/showt...ves-for-a-year

and VIPs can pay the entry fee via this link - thanks

RN Cheltenham 2014 competition entry

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