View Full Version : Pete Shaw on the shallow nature of Mickeys to Suarez who only now get the hump with him!

Red News
07-08-2013, 01:28 PM
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So, racism, not a problem, forgive and forget and all that. Diving, ahh, it's all just some exaggeration (can't say cultural misunderstanding, already used that one up a few times), and the biting, well he was just being over friendly.

Or was hungry. 

Or summit’.

Stare at feet, has the outcry gone away yet la?

As the Scousers wrapped him in their loving arms (imagine the BO), and got badly produced tattoos that will proudly reflect the sun in Benidorm until he actually does fuck off and leave. They love him. They can support him through anything, it's that You'll never Walk Alone spirit and all that (until they walk in the other direction as soon as Heysel gets mentioned).

But play out for once a purely logical football argument without any of his nastiness - he just wants to play for a better and bigger football team. And let hell rain down on him. Shirts are burnt, tattoos get self harmed off, and men with no teeth rage down the camera to shout ‘Luis, how could you?’ at junior reporters dreaming of a future anywhere but outside Anfield.

And that, dear Scousers, was your tipping point with him? Brilliantly shallow.