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20-04-2013, 10:47 AM
For a week I pretended to have a life, mainly by spending 4 days glued to the television watching grown man walk around a lovely park trying to knock tiny balls into tiny holes with sticks. Plus I was switching between RN and Red Issue and re-reading Game of Thrones at the same time. However today I finally finished it.

So congratulations on issue 200. Brilliant job.

And especially this issue, I loved it. So many wonderful articles, like the United Review piece, it was beautifully written. I enjoyed and agreed with Scott's (of RoM fame) take on Rio and England. A double dose of Pete's anger was quite fun as well, I also found myself nodding at most of the points he raised. Plus the Arsenal bit which was not only well written and informative, it was fun too. And great photos and bits of old newspapers (Adobe Touch let's me enlarge the page to a point that I can actually read those as well.).

Speaking of photos, the piece on flags was a great read and pictures of Rotterdam are amazing. That happened in a time of a football void in the States, aside from a few matches here and there on Spanish or Italian tv there was hardly anything here. I found out United won the CWC some days afterwards when I finally got my hand on a Polish Football mag. So it's especially great for someone like me to read even bits and pieces of the era. I got to see more of United in the early 80's than the late 80's and the early 90's. I had to catch up on the early Fergie era through the internet and DVDs years later.

Pretty much everything inside this issue was great to read, carlosartorial's take on Rooney, gossip, moments, etc. Though it was shocking to find out, thanks to Faceaches, that the country of my birth, "Poland, doesn't have a soccer team." What the fuck was that all about? I know that FB and the official forum are full of morons and cretins, but wow, that came out of nowhere. I wonder what that conversation was all about. Then again, the way Poland has been playing, it might as well fold. Ranked behind Haiti and Albania. A coincidence perhaps, but on RI someone did a bit on the "State of the Nation," and claimed how we should be over England as it's not even worthy of United fans' disdain anymore, instead the NT should be treated with indifference because of its mediocrity and the NT fans' behavior towards United. Seems that indeed most Reds think alike.

A brilliant issue indeed, worthy of a Special edition. As well as your editorial, which had just enough nostalgia to set the tone of the rest of the mag.

Once again, brilliant job, and I hope we get to see another 200.

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